General Office of Xiangya International Medical Center (XIMC)



       The General Office of XIMC is mainly responsible for the coordination of internal medical affairs and the communication of external affairs, including the communication of XIMC-relevant work with UPMC and other international institutions or organizations such as insurance companies.



Director: Gong Min

Officer: Liao Minglong, Zhu Shanya and Yang Ying



. Director

1. Responsible for managing the administrative affairs of XIMC under the leadership of the head of the hospital.

2. Fully responsible for managing General Office.

3. Compile and implement the construction program and the annual plan for General Office of XIMC.

4. Cooperate with the director of XIMC to determine the overall goals and tasks of the work.

. General Office of XIMC (officer)

1. Responsible for the liaison and coordination of internal affairs of XIMC.

2. Responsible for the coordination and communication of external affairs of XIMC: carry out daily management work such as communicate the XIMC-related work with UPMC and other international institutions or organizations such as insurance companies.

3. Responsible for the follow-up and supervision of various JCI work of XIMC to ensure the strict implementation of  JCI policies.

4. Responsible for coordinating and liaising with various auxiliary departments, and putting the requirements for clinical staff and hospital policies in place.

5. Responsible for supervising and assisting the study and training of XIMC staff.

6. Responsible for collecting, arranging and archiving documents and data.

7. Responsible for completing part of the administrative business and temporary assigned affairs designed by the director.

8. Responsible for daily management work of the office (reception, translation, reimbursement, arrangement of meeting records and news reporting).

9. Responsible for applying and receiving goods needed by XIMC.



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