Every nurse takes up their post with great love for patients. XIMC offers a very high level of attentive and caring staff members in the nursing department, as well as patient-friendly nurse ratios.





        Currently, there are 36 beds in XIMC, each with a nursing staff ratio that is  higher than the national standard.

        Full service is guaranteed once the patient is  admitted. A comprehensive discharge follow-up system makes it possible  for every patient discharged from  XIMC to regularly receive health services, long-term tracking and system support from Xiangya Hospital.

        Since the establishment of XIMC, UPMC has dispatched many experts in hospital management, clinical quality and safety, etc. to guide the work in XIMC, and assist XIMC to obtain the JCI certification successfully.


        UPMC Nursing Leadership, as well as Quality and Safety experts from UPMC have provided a number of valuable recommendations for XIMC through one-month clinical observations in conjunction with JCI standards and clinical practice. Among them, they  emphasized that a full assessment on the patient should be conducted during  each shift by the primary nurse.

        In order to make the nurses in the XIMC have a better understanding of the process of a comprehensive assessment of patients by nurses in the United States and to learn how to conduct basic physical examination for patients, UPMC experts also  used the PPT instruction to give lectures on related knowledge for all the nursing staff of XIMC  especially the contents of physical assessment, such as how to auscultate heart sounds, breath sounds and bowel sounds as well as abdominal palpation. He Lianxiang, deputy director of XIMC, and Li Xuebing, head nurse of XIMC carried out a visit of the whole process.

        In addition, UPMC Experts also taught the nurses to ask the patient's condition in detail, stimulate nursing rounds, write nursing plan, etc. every day. Through systematic training, all the nurses know more about the patient's condition, have a stronger sense of responsibility and can provide more targeted nursing service.

        After the visit, He Lianxiang, deputy director, said that all the nursing staff of XIMC should have a higher and more comprehensive professional quality, act on international convention, get familiar with the process of comprehensive assessment, master basic physical examination skills and put them into clinical practices proficiently.

        Li Xuebing, head nurse, also pointed out that all the staff of XIMC should receive an examination of full assessment process and physical examination skills so that everyone can provide patients with more quality nursing services, thus reflecting the true meaning of nursing.