Real name appointment:

Please present your real ID card and cell phone number. If you and your identity information are inconsistent, it will be difficult for you to receive medical consultancy.

Numbers for appointment:

Numbers of all doctors available in the next two weeks will be updated at 8:00 every day.

Modes of appointment making:

    1) "Xiangya Hospital" APP: appointment, registration for the day, report inquiry, smart triage, navigation, health information


QR Code of Xiangya Hospital APP

    2) WeChat appointment: follow Xiangya Hospital, Central China University


QR code of official WeChat account of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University


    3) Online appointment: 4 partner appointment makingplatforms (Click Online Appointment)

    4) Telephone appointment: 0731-89753999

    5) Counter appointment: Counters 29, 30 and 31 on the Floor 3 of Outpatient Department

    6) Self-service appointment: Self-service registration machine on each floor of Outpatient Department

    7) Consulting room appointment: Appointment making in doctors' consultation room

    8) Ward appointment: All the wards provide discharged patients with appointment and registration services for further consultation


  1. Xiangya Hospital does not accept appointment numbers of platforms other than the cooperation platforms linked with its official website.

  2. Appointment numbers cannot be cancelled.If your appointment number needs to be cancelled due to special circumstances including improvement, deterioration, hospitalization and irresistible natural factors, you can take relevant formalities at the appointment and registration consultancy counter on the ground floor of Outpatient Department with your ID card during working time before the appointed day. If a person acts for you, the person should take the formalities with your ID card, his/her ID card and screenshot of the text message indicating successful appointment.

  3. The cell phone number on the medical card must be true and valid, or you cannot receive SMS notifications.If you want to change you cell phone number, you can change at the outpatient registration counter with your ID card or by calling 0731-89753999 on which you are required to provide your former cell phone number and ID number for verification.

  4. As it is possible that the physician you have made an appointment with is not available, please make sure you can receive the hospital's notification by cell phone anytime.

  5. Appointment registration should be paid in advance. No other charges need to be paid, except registration fee.If you make an appointment online, you can pay online. For other modes of appointment making, apply for a medical card first and add money more than the registration fee to the card.

  6. Since Xiangya Hospital has different departments, including Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Department, Oral Medicine Center and Ophthalmology Department, please read the doctor's specialty before confirming the doctor you consult, and make an appointment by choosing a source of numbers corresponding to your actual condition.

Mode of number receiving:

On the day of visit, take a number slip from the self-service machine with your ID card and medical card, and then wait for your turn indicated by the number slip in the designated waiting area; the number slip of XIMC can be received from the Counter 8 on the ground floor of Area D or from the self-service machines in the area.

Please take your number slip 30 minutes in advance during consulting time. If you fail to receive a number slip after the appointed time, your appointment number will be invalidated and this will be recorded as breaking one appointment.

Appointment breaking administration:

  Anyone who has broken four appointments within a month will be included in the blacklist and cannot make any appointment within half a year.

Blacklist administration:

  Anyone who resells the number for profit and thus violates relevant regulation will be recorded in the blacklist, restricted in appointment making and on-site outpatient registration and only allowed to register for emergency.

Medical card reapplication:

  Please reapply for medical card at any cashier counter of Outpatient Department with your ID card in person