XIMC customized physical examination services will deliver a high-quality user experience. You deserve it!


Feature 1: XIMC physicians and clinical experts will customize their physical examination to meet your individual needs. They will focus upon a diagnostic approach to most effectively identify and understand your particular medical condition .

Feature 2: The clinical environment has been designed to enhance your privacy and comfort during the examination, and to provide you with the necessary diagnostic services while also meeting your personal needs for coordinated efficiency and caring, effective communication.

Feature 3: XIMC physicians and clinical experts will meet with you personally, to explain the results of your physical examination and discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan. They will prepare a customized prescription for your diet, exercise, and lifestyle considerations, and recommend a timeframe for clinical follow-up to schedule any additional examinations or treatments as necessary.

Feature 4: XIMC physicians and clinical experts may become your lifelong healthcare advisers who can provide medical advice and guidance, customized especially for you and your family.



Xiangya International Medical Center Medical Ward Reservations: 0731-89753055, 0731-89753755


The Outpatient Department cooperates with the XIMC Ward Management Team to provide customized physical examinations and treatments for their patients.

The Internal Medicine Department of XIMC will complete the following items for their patients: delivery of customized physical examination services; scheduling and personal guidance for all required diagnostic tests; explanation of the physical examination findings by XIMC clinical experts, and planning for follow-up care and treatment. The XIMC staff will serve as your personal healthcare advisor.

If there is speciality examination that must be performed after the hospital visit, the Outpatient Department of XIMC will make the necessary appointments and assure the effective coordination of services.